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Welcome to the era of fiduciary banking.
Cash management and credit solutions for families and advisors.
We identify patterns, connections, and opportunities to enable sophisticated liquidity management in the full context of your finances.
*Sandbox is neither a lender nor a bank; it is a financial technology company. Please see our Terms of Use for more detail.
You earn
You earn
Above market interest on cash.
You access
You access
Credit through a network of lenders.
You gain
You gain
Transparency into liquid and illiquid assets.
Dynamic solutions built for households.
Go from analysis to action in moments.
Enterprise Grade Reporting & Liquidity Tools
Finally. A single home to manage spending, saving, and analytics. Sandbox is the only enterprise grade banking platform for families and business owners building enterprise grade wealth.
Next-Generation Banking
Our solution is built for the next generation of wealth. Use Sandbox Navigator, our AI solution, to gain valuable insights into your finances and supporting documents.
Simplified Access to Capital
We help speed up underwriting processes by providing a system of record for your finances. Provide lenders with the transparency they need to make decisions on Day 1.
/We serve
Registered Investment Advisors
Registered Investment Advisors
Adding cash management and credit solutions to your platform not only helps you deepen relationships with your best clients, it helps eliminate conflicts when you refer opportunities to competitors.

In an ecosystem where firms largely seek out growth through consolidation, Sandbox enables RIAs to launch an accretive platform quickly and for a fraction of the cost while maintaining their independence.
Family Offices
Family Offices
Preparing balance sheets, P&L statements, and other schedules needed for consolidated reporting can be time consuming, manual, and many times, inaccurate.

Sandbox is building solutions that can reduce or eliminate your reliance on spreadsheets, while providing your stakeholders with the reporting you need in just a few clicks.

We’ve reimagined what it means to be a banking platform, and we’ve made accessing accurate reporting and liquidity far more seamless.
Individuals and Families
Individuals and Families
So much is said about building generational wealth, but so little is offered in terms of tools needed to monitor, protect, and grow your balance sheet. We build the tools needed for individuals and families to build sustainable processes for managing their net worth.

In partnership with your advisors, we help you maintain your long term investment strategy while getting access to the liquidity you need to make opportunistic investments, pay taxes, purchase real estate, and more.
Go from point solutions and spreadsheets to an enterprise grade platform.
/Problem + Solution
If you’ve ever wondered why a complex loan can’t be underwritten in under a few weeks, or why you can’t see your real time cash position across banks and brokers on demand, it isn’t because it’s impossible.

Missing deadlines and wire cutoffs, or asking for the same data over and over again is a calling card of poor internal infrastructures, and it's mostly driven by archaic technology.

Sandbox has completely redesigned the software our clients use to manage their balance sheets and cash flow, and the internal platforms used to manage that data. Our solutions are informed by decades of experience at legacy firms, and wondering why managing household finances can’t be easier. It turns out it can be. And we’re making it a reality.
Sandbox Wealth
Sandbox is built by experts with extensive experience serving wealthy families.
Your team.
Deposits (Summer 2024)
Individual and Joint Checking
Access interest-bearing deposit accounts with traditional checking account features, including cards, wires, ACH, and ATM access.
Deposits (Summer 2024)
Individual and Joint Savings
Competitive savings at competitive rates. Connect Sandbox Savings and Checking to combine enhanced yields with instant access to liquidity.
Deposits (Summer 2024)
Business Checking
Transactional efficiency meets earnings potential. Sandbox Business Checking optimizes cash flow management while delivering competitive yields on unused balances.
Deposits (Summer 2024)
Global Deposits
Access a global payments network in moments with Sandbox multi-currency deposits. Seamlessly execute spot or forward transactions and send or receive cross-border payments.
Deposits (Summer 2024)
Remote Check Deposit
Snap a photo of a check and soon see the proceeds in your Sandbox account. With support for remote check deposits, you can confidently bank from home or on the go.
Payments (Summer 2024)
Virtual and Physical Cards
If you'd like, we can ship you a card directly to your home or provide you with a virtual card number to use right away. With Sandbox, you can always choose the most efficient way to pay.
Payments (Summer 2024)
Mobile Wallet
You can leave your wallet at home. Sandbox supports Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay so you can use your mobile and wearable devices to check out at the register.
Payments (2024)
Sandbox Infinity
Stop shopping for a new card. We'll let you build the one you want. With Sandbox Infinity, we're changing the way you think about credit cards.
Treasury Management (2024)
Cash+ is a modern cash and liquidity management platform for members looking to enhance yield across various instruments. Coming in 2024.
After years of serving and building solutions for high net worth clients at major institutions, our founders built Sandbox to help clients save their most valuable resource — time.
Ray Denis
Ray Denis
Founder & CEO
Andrew Nelson, Ph.D.
Andrew Nelson, Ph.D.
Cofounder & CTO
We iterate quickly to serve our partners.

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