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We’ve reimagined what it means to be a premium banking solution. Our platform enables advisors to provide better advice and clients to make better decisions.
Independent advisors and family offices are part of a rapidly growing ecosystem that serves trillions of dollars of wealth. These teams have access to world-class investment platforms, but when it comes to sophisticated cash management and credit products, the options are limited without referring opportunities to the competition.

Sandbox changes this dynamic, and builds custom solutions with a focus on individualized service, holistic balance sheet management, and the strategic advice needed for clients to protect and grow liquidity for generations.
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Mission Statement
We're in the early stages of a tectonic shift in banking.

Recent innovations in artificial intelligence, open finance, and multiple instant payment networks have created a generational opportunity to build an open architecture platform that can actually deliver on the promise of a pleasant client experience.

Meanwhile, independent advisors and family offices have grown in assets and prominence over the last two decades. Despite overseeing enterprise grade liquidity, they largely operate with blunt instruments.
For these firms, we aim to eliminate the conceptual border between analytics and the flow of capital.

For our partners, we build solutions that deepen relationships with clients and compete with wirehouse and private bank peers.

For our end clients, we build solutions that simplify access to liquidity, making it easier to achieve philanthropic goals, estate planning objectives, and wealth preservation.

Above all else, our solutions save time and reduce the operational complexities of managing liquidity.
Sandbox pairs open architecture solutions with modern tools.
/Why Sandbox?
Cutting Edge Technology
We've pursued a design-first approach, with advanced tools and features to help advisors offer better advice while enabling clients to make better decisions.
Customization and Flexibility
Sandbox provides clients with the ability to tailor the platform to their unique needs, ensuring personalized and efficient processes for managing liquidity.
Enhanced Performance
With access to powerful analytics and reporting tools, clients and advisors can make data-driven decisions, optimize investment strategies, and create operational alpha.
Cost Efficiency
By partnering with Sandbox, RIAs can deepen relationships and grow their bottom line without necessarily resorting to M&A. Sandbox drives scale and efficiency for top firms.
Compliance and Security
We've built the latest in security into our DNA to ensure that Family Offices, RIAs, and their clients can confidently partner with our team without worrying about their data.
Collaboration and Support
Sandbox fosters a collaborative environment, providing clients with ongoing support, training, and access to a team of product experts and service professionals.
Mission Statement Image
An enterprise-grade solution for enterprise grade wealth.
Why our members choose Sandbox
Custom liquidity and planning software
We build tools that drive smart liquidity and spend management within the full context of your finances.
Wide range of products
Whether you're managing personal deposits or shopping for an art loan, Sandbox provides solutions for diverse use cases.
Holistic and flexible platform
Use our platform to manage your business and personal accounts. Sandbox is a single portal for all of your banking needs.
Ray Denis
Ray Denis
Founder & CEO
Our CEO has extensive experience banking wealthy clients at major institutions, including J.P. Morgan, Raymond James, and Bank of America. Ray understands the internal and external issues facing those in the industry, and is using that background to fuel the buildout of Sandbox Wealth.
Quotation Marks
Our mission is to drive a more open and dynamic banking ecosystem through the use of robust analytics. We view data and time as currency, and what we’re building at Sandbox will provide our clients with more of both, enabling them to make faster decisions and to more quickly access or deploy capital.
Andrew Nelson, Ph.D.
Andrew Nelson, Ph.D.
Cofounder & CTO
Our CTO has researched the smallest things at the highest levels. His background in molecular biophysics brings a ‘forest and the trees’ approach to problem solving in private banking, with a deep appreciation of the macro issues driving wasted time and missed opportunities.
Quotation Marks
All technology does is allow us to focus on our partners. Our job is to simplify the lives of advisors and clients by bringing all the sprawl of modern banking into one easy to navigate solution.
/Safety and Responsibility
Data Privacy
Your privacy is protected by multiple layers of enterprise-grade safeguards
Regulatory Compliance
Your banking activities are conducted in a secure and regulated environment
Bank-Grade Security
We employ the latest technologies to defend you against cybercrime and fraud
Sandbox Wealth
Sandbox is a turnkey banking platform for RIAs and Family Offices.
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