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Sandbox Record helps members shorten the timeline between analysis and action. Build a reliable system of record to drive your tactical and strategic decisions.

/ Dashboard
Our Dashboard transforms your finances into actionable insights, so you can make decisions based on facts and trends, not intuition.
A dynamic view of your data at your fingertips
Customizable widgets provide a bird’s eye view of your financial health. Record uses your data to help you flag potential issues early.
Manage data across members of your household
See your data across individual family members and related entities to get a holistic view of your wealth for generations.
Global families can analyze figures across currencies
We understand your life is borderless. Easily toggle your views between currencies to gain clarity regarding your exposure.
/In Preview | Sandbox Navigator
Sandbox Navigator is a cutting edge solution to marry the best of AI with your data.

Accelerate your path from analysis to action.
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Reach out if you'd like to learn more about Sandbox.
We're connecting with select partners to bring sophisticated liquidity solutions to independent advisors and family offices.

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Sandbox Record is built from the ground up with safety, security, and scalability in mind.
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