Sandbox Wealth
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Sandbox is an open architecture platform, meaning we can provide a broad set of best in class services tailored for your needs.

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Open Architecture Banking
Our members can tap into a world of solutions for managing liquidity in the context of their entire balance sheet and cash flow. Our platform isn’t limited by the services of a single firm.
Enterprise Grade Software
Manage an entire household’s worth of data across banking, lending, passion assets, and illiquid investments without logging into multiple platforms.
Expert Service Providers
Sandbox is built by a founding team with decades of experience across private banking and engineering. We’re a next generation platform that deeply understands how to serve our partners and members.
Security, privacy, and compliance are built into our DNA. Keep your data safe with Sandbox.
We’re building Sandbox for members who want to own their data while making liquidity decisions with confidence. Security and compliance are critical to these ends.

We follow best practices from enforcing Multi-Factor Authentication across all internal and external systems to building a robust vendor risk management program. We perform security reviews regularly, and work tirelessly to ensure our members are protected from cybercrime and fraud.

Our team is building a solution that isn’t just innovative, but is a secure home for the banking and borrowing needs of our members.
Sandbox Wealth
Sandbox is an open architecture platform. Any solution can be your solution.
Your journey.
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